CBD Chicken Crunch Dog Treats


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Weight: 150 grams (15 chicken feet per bag)
CBD: 150 mg CBD

Crunchy, chewy, yummy love! These’ll be your puppy’s favourites in no time! Show your dog some love with these Ethical Botanicals 100% preservative, salt, spice, gluten, grain and soy free dog treats. Just all-natural smoked chicken feet of the highest quality from Alberta, Canada.

Clean and healthy! These crunchy chicken feet are full of collagen, cartilage, calcium and protein. CBD Chicken Crunch will help keep your dog’s teeth clean and the nutrients, being 100% natural, are easily absorbed by the body. These treats promote healthy bones and joints. No fillers or artificial flavours. Only premium CBD isolate and MCT oil drizzled on fine ingredients your puppy will love! Great for nervous dogs, and dogs with mobility problems.

INGREDIENTS: Smoked chicken feet, MCT oil, CBD isolate

  • No artificial colours, flavours, salts, spices, additives or preservatives
  • GMO free
  • No wheat or soy
  • Gluten free
  • 100% THC free

Ethical Botanicals CBD is sourced from 100% organic Canadian hemp.

1 chicken foot per day for large dogs (approx 10mg per chicken foot)
1/2 chicken foot per day for medium dogs (cut halfway between ankle joint and claws)

The optimal dose of CBD for your dog will depend on your pet’s size, condition, and other factors. We recommend you speak with your pet’s health care provider for advice on CBD dosage. To find general guidelines about CBD dosage for pets read our article CBD for Dogs.

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