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Full Spectrum CBD Oil
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Full Spectrum CBD Oil


30ml / Unflavoured

Ethical Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made with care using ingredients of the highest quality. Our key ingredient: Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, has been extracted from organic hemp grown on Canada’s West Coast. Made in small batches and lab-tested for purity, this premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil is one of our top sellers.

A top-of-its-class product for those looking for a product with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This oil differs from CBD Oil – Zero THC in that it contains approximately 0.3% THC as well as trace amounts of other beneficial compounds extracted from hemp including CBG, CBN, CBC and others.

The idea that CBD oil made with whole plant extract is more effective than CBD oil made with isolate has not been proven by medical science. However, preliminary Hebrew University of Jeruselem research supports this so-called “entourage effect” theory.

CBD shows potential as a safe therapeutic compound with anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, neuro-protective and pain-relieving qualities, but much more research needs to be done before we know whether it can be considered effective for any medical conditions. Much of the fanfare around CBD comes from positive word-of-mouth from people who have had positive experiences.

There are no recommended dosages for CBD, only safe guidelines you can follow. Finding the dose that gets you the best results will require a period of experimentation. Results may vary and should be evaluated after one month.

Learn more about CBD oil dosage.

Always consult your medical professional before taking CBD for the first time. Cannabinoids like CBD can interfere with certain prescription medications. CBD may not be compatible with your current medication.

All Ethical Botanicals products have been 3rd-party lab tested for quality and safety.

Droppers come with volume indicators for easy dosage.


MCT Oil, Hemp-derived Full Spectrum CBD distillate.


CBD potency per volume:

250 mg Bottle – 8.3 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

500 mg Bottle – 16.6 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

1000 mg Bottle – 33.3 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

2500 mg Bottle – 83.25 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

5000 mg Bottle – 166.5 mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml)

Certificate of Analysis

COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (250mg)
COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (500mg)
COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1000mg)
COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (2500mg)
COA :- Full Spectrum CBD Oil (5000mg)

Full Spectrum distillate cannabinoid profile

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250 MG, 500 MG, 1000 MG, 2500 MG, 5000 MG


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