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Browse from our selection of premium wellness products. Great for pain, anxiety, sleep, and other issues!

Our products are made with CBD extracted using the cleanest methods possible – no solvent extractions! Made from hemp grown on the pristine West Coast of British Columbia, our CBD is certified free of pesticides or any contaminants.

From full spectrum CBD oils to CBD-infused treats for your pets, we pride ourselves on creating some of the cleanest, healthiest products on the market. Our customers love Ethical Botanicals products because it helps them with pain, anxiety and other ills—and they know they are getting the cleanest, most effective products on the market!

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Knowing your transactions are safe and secure! All transactions are encrypted using the latest SSL technology. Plus, we offer an amazing 110% Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, who else can say that? If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, simply return the product and we’ll give you 110% money back!

Lab-Tested. Ethically-Sourced. Solvent-Free Extracted.

Our mission is to boost your quality of life and your karma too! Our CBD products will help you with issues such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, joint pains, inflammation, sleep disorders, PMS and much more. Our customers love using our products!— they know they are all cruelty-free and created using the cleanest extraction methods possible.

All our CBD products are lab-tested for quality to ensure you’re buying  the highest quality CBD products in Canada. At Ethical Botanicals, we work with high quality CBD with no pesticides or contaminants whatsoever.

Why Order CBD Oil Online from Ethical Botanicals? Many Reasons:

  • Our utmost commitment to creating CBD products of the highest quality.
  • Our mission to create ethically made products that do no harm.
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  • A fantastic selection of premium, sustainable CBD products. including CBD oil, capsules, isolate, creams and even CBD for dogs and other pets.
  • Our products are all lab-tested to ensure quality.
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